Key Questions

Posted: 11th July 2019

Key Questions to Ask When Purchasing a New Home

Buying a property from a new housing development is extremely appealing to many buyers.

Granville Developments are a family owned company with over 40 years’ experience in developing new build homes. The team at Granville reveal important questions buyers should ask when purchasing a home from a residential property development.

What do I get with my new build?

This might seem obvious, but buying off plan often means that new build properties are likely to just be a foundation or framework when you first go to view where you could be living. When looking to purchase a new house, ask for a list of everything that’s going to be included in the property. This should include flooring, white goods and whether or not the garden will be landscaped.

Unlike other new build developments, Granville Developments, provide their buyers with an extensive choice of kitchen styles, bathroom tiling and electric positions. That way, you can ensure your home best suits your lifestyle and is ready for your family to live in.

What changes can I make to the property?

Before making a commitment to a house, it’s important to check what limitations are in place before you buy the property. With some new build properties, you might find that your ability to make structural alterations is limited, including the addition of a conservatory or extension for example. It’s important to read through your contract thoroughly with the help of a solicitor to uncover any restrictions that you’re not entirely happy with.

Are there any additional costs?

Most new build properties come with service charges, ground rents and maintenance costs. If you’re not expecting these charges, they can make quite a dent on your finances. Find out what these costs are and how and when you’ll have to pay for them.

Granville Developments aim to keep estate management charges to a minimum and often transfer the ownership of these back to the residents allowing home owners to only pay the actual costs of the maintenance of communal spaces. This keeps costs to a minimum and assists buyers in the affordability and onward sales ability should you choose to move from your new Granville home in the future.

What other developments have you worked on?

For those looking to buy a new build property, it’s essential to purchase a home from a trusted developer. When searching for a new development, it’s a good idea to ask for examples of other projects that they’ve completed.

Granville Developments have an extensive portfolio of luxury property developments, with the highest standards of design, build and aftercare. If you would like more information about upcoming developments, or if you have any questions about new build properties, please contact Granville today on 01376 574599.