Let it breathe!

Posted: 19th July 2019

Why You Need to Let Your Home Breathe

From choosing the plot to full construction, you have been eagerly waiting for your new build home to be completed for months. With the building process finally coming to a finish, it’s time to get excited about moving into your new property and making the house your home!

However, before you start putting your own personal stamp on the property, there are a few key rules to keep in mind when decorating your new build. The experts at Granville developments have created a guide explaining what you need to know about new home décor – as well as what you should and shouldn’t do!

Your Home Needs to Breathe

You may have spent hours searching Instagram and Pinterest to find the perfect feature wall for your living room. However, before you go shopping for tins of paint and rolls of wallpaper, we recommend waiting at least six to twelve months before decorating the freshly plastered walls.

The materials used to build your new home such as timber and fresh plaster will need to dry out before you’re able to decorate. Over the first few months, the walls in your new build may expand and small cracks can form. You can reduce the appearance of cracks by keeping your central heating at a consistent temperature in your first winter in the house. This allows the walls to naturally expand over time. Alongside this, it is important to keep your air vents and windows open where possible to allow a flow of air through your home.

How to Decorate a Granville Home?

While you wait for your home to settle, there are several other ways to introduce personal flair to the interior of your new Granville home. Decorative blinds and curtains are not only a great way of regulating temperatures and privacy, but they also add a personal touch to the décor of your room. With such a wide range of throw rugs available from high street and online retailers at relatively low cost these are another great way to add colour to the room. Plus, you can remove them and replace them for little expense if you decide to change the decor in the future.

New Build Properties

Granville luxury property developers, understand the frustration many buyers can feel when looking to decorate their new build home. That’s why they provide their customers with extensive choices for kitchen and bathroom styles when purchasing “off plan” to ensure their house feels more like their home, as soon as you set foot into the property.

If you would like further information about any upcoming residential property developments, or if you have any questions about our luxury new build properties, please contact the sales team at Granville today on 01376 574599.