Energy Efficiency

Posted: 23rd December 2019

New Build Properties In Essex: Granville’s Thoughts On Energy Efficiency In Homes

 At Granville, developers of new build properties in Essex for over 40 years, we’re committed to developing luxury new builds that are highly energy efficient to help do our bit to aid the climate crisis.

 We feel that a particularly pertinent quote to apply to this, with regards to living in a greener way, is that “we don’t need a handful of people doing it perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” In other words, people making the effort to do their bit. At Granville, we do exactly that.

 Cavity Wall Insulation

 Our new build developments in Essex are built with cavity wall insulation to maximise energy efficiency throughout your home. Cavity wall insulation works by filling the cavity between walls with a special insulation material that inhibits heat transfer. Given that uninsulated homes, by comparison, lose approximately a third of their heat through the walls.

 Double-Glazed Windows

 In a similar way to cavity wall insulation, double glazing works by trapping a layer of air between two window panes which in turn acts as a layer of insulation thus reducing heat loss. By having double-glazed windows you’ll need your heating on lower, for a shorter amount of time; this means you’re using less fuel and ultimately, being greener. Our new build developments are all built with double-glazed windows as standard, so your home will be cosy and warm without drinking up fuel.

 Homes Of A Durable Quality

 One of the worst contributors to global climate change are disposable and single-use items. Stemming from many years of a throwaway culture, some scientists predict that the mass of plastic in the oceans will outweigh the mass of fish by 2050. This is a staggering and deeply disturbing statistic. The only way we can potentially mitigate this is for all of us to make concerted efforts to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste we throw away.

 We develop our homes to an incredibly high standard and specification. They’re constructed from long-lasting, highly durable materials that won’t need repairing, replacing or disposing of and, in this way, we’re doing our bit to minimise the amount of non-recyclable waste entering the world’s oceans.

 If you’d like to find out more about any of Granville’s new build properties in Essex and Suffolk, then get in touch by visiting our website or by giving us a call on 01376 571556.