Posted: 23rd December 2019

New Build Developments Suffolk: Some Of The Benefits Of Downsizing

If you’re children have flown the nest then it can sometimes be hard to justify staying in your current home, as opposed to downsizing to somewhere smaller. Downsizing has many perks, and if done right, is a fiscally responsible decision to take. The team here at Granville have got together to think about the key points worth remembering when it comes to the decision of downsizing; remember, a smaller property doesn’t equate to a worse property, and our new build developments in Suffolk prove just this. 

Make money!

The chances are, that unless you’re moving into the heart of London, downsizing means moving into a cheaper property. When you buy a property you’re ultimately paying for space so that only makes sense, of course. The positive of this is that you’re left with extra capital left over that you can invest however you may wish!

Reduced Energy Bills (Especially In A New Build)

The positive of this particular reason is two-fold. A smaller space means a smaller footprint to heat and reduced spaces from which energy can escape. When you combine that with the fact that new build developments have higher energy ratings, higher energy efficiency and new state-of-the art boilers, radiators, double glazed windows and the like, then you’re subsequent increase in energy savings could be huge.

A Chance To Declutter

We all have too much stuff, if we’re honest with ourselves. Things that we know we really ought to throw away but make vague excuses for. Usually saying it holds too much sentimental value (in reality, you’d forgotten it even existed!). The fact of the matter is, by downsizing you simply won’t have time to store all the excess items in your life so you’ll be forced to streamline your possessions, something you probably ought to have done years back. Doing this ensures that your new house remains clean, uncluttered and bright.

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