Top Home Features

Posted: 12th August 2019

New build homes are becoming an increasingly attractive option for buyers; from growing families to older couples, new builds offer something for everyone. However, there are some features that are more coveted than others. With this in mind, Granville Developments reveals the top home features buyers are looking for when purchasing a property.

Outdoor Space

For buyers looking to invest in a residential development, it’s not just the interior features that they’re looking for. Outdoor space is incredibly important to homebuyers, especially for growing families. Homebuyers are now sourcing new build homes that possess a good sized, professionally landscaped garden that looks beautiful without the need for much maintenance.

Fibre Optic Connection

Everyone loves to be connected to the outside world through a strong internet connection. Whether you’re streaming Netflix or shopping online, it’s important to have a fast internet speed to ensure that you can make the most of your time on the internet.

One feature that is highly coveted by new build homebuyers is a fibre optic connection to the home. Unlike older houses, which rely on copper wiring or a telephone connection, new residential properties have a fibre connection directly to the house, guaranteeing fast internet speeds of up to 60 Mpbs.

Modern Kitchens and Bathrooms

Modern kitchens and bathrooms are at the top of every buyer’s checklist. Outdated cabinets and light fixtures can quickly put people off as many home buyers no longer want a remodel project. As a result, new builds with bespoke, modern fixtures are now highly sought after by potential homeowners.

 Granville Developments, pride themselves on offering bespoke kitchens and bathrooms within the price of your home. Each buyer has the opportunity to choose the style, fixtures and fittings of their new home at build stage. This ensures the property’s ready to move straight into, with the look and feel that suits the buyers taste without having to worry about the dust and upheaval that comes with a refurbishment project.

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