Online vs New Build

Posted: 10th September 2019

Online Estate Agents vs New Build Developer

If you’re looking to move to Essex or Suffolk, you may be wondering whether it’s better to buy from an online estate agent or a new build developer. But do you know the pros and cons from both parties to make the right decision for you?

With this in mind, Granville, luxury property developers, outline the benefits and potential shortfalls of buying a house with a developer or estate agent.

Pros of New Build Developers

There are lots of benefits when it comes to buying from new housing developments including the likes of government incentives. Developers are also efficient with helping you should you experience any initial problems with your property.

Cons of New Build Developers

It’s worth being aware that many new build developers do not negotiate on the price of their properties. One con could also be the possibility of a delay in completion due to issues with builders and potential disruption, this could lead to an unknown moving day until nearer the time of completion.

Pros of Online Estate Agents

Buying a new house through an estate agent comes with a variety of benefits. Not only are they easily accessible, the majority of estate agents are part of a redress scheme; according to Rightmove. This allows you to resolve disputes with your agent, should you find yourself unable to solve the issue directly with the company. What’s more, an estate agent will undergo background checks on your seller, to ensure everything is legal and above board.

Cons of Online Estate Agents

If you choose an online estate agent, you’ll be in charge of conducting the viewings, negotiation and monitoring the sales process yourself. What’s more, these agencies are unlikely to be local to you, so will be unable to provide any information about the area you choose to buy from.

Buying a Property

Whoever you choose to buy a property from, it’s important that they possess the relevant expertise of the area you are looking to buy in. Granville, Suffolk property developers, pride themselves on extensive knowledge of new build developments in Essex and Suffolk, whilst offering a good working knowledge of the local area and what to expect from these towns in the future.

If you are looking to for a new residential development and would like more information about upcoming new build properties, please contact the Granville sales team today on 01376 571556.