New Builds Suffolk

Posted: 16th December 2019

New Builds Suffolk: Why You Should Buy

A lot has been made over the past few years for the argument against buying homes. Here at Granville, however, we think that buying a property is categorically, objectively the right way to go. Renting does offer you a nomadic sort of flexibility, it’s true. But the benefits of owning a new-build development are manifold and we believe, outweigh any argument against investing in homes situated within new housing developments.

 Buying And Owning Offers You A Freedom Unparalleled

Do you want to redecorate? You can. Do you want to put up fixtures, fittings and pictures? You can. Do you want three dogs, two cats and a chicken? Then you’ve got your work cut out, but you’re certainly able to! The chances are, if you want to do something decoratively speaking, you’re more likely to be able to do it if you own your own new house.

 Buying Grants You Security

If you own a new build development, then no landlord can turf you out at cripplingly short notice. In fact, no landlord can do anything untoward because you don’t have one, and due to fixed rate mortgages, owning your own new residential property means you’re not at the whim of a landlord fiscally either.

Owning A Home Offers You Unique Money-Making Opportunities

By investing in new build developments and subsequently owning a home within one, you stand to be able to make money off it in the long run. You can do this in several ways; if ever you need to relocate temporarily, for a few months say, then you can rent out your property to earn a passive income off it.

Generally speaking, people tend to downsize later in life, so by selling your home and purchasing a smaller property, you’re able to use that extra capital to help fund your retirement. Also, house prices tend to appreciate; even though they rise and fall dependent on the economy, the overall trend over time is that they appreciate financially. When renting, you’re never coming closer to owning, it’s a financial drain on your account every month, without fail. Owning is investing, rather than spending like renting is.

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