• Acquire carefully selected villas in need of renovation and / or extension in prime communities in Dubai at under market value.
  • Renovate to a high bespoke specification and re-sell from marketing material within a 4-6 month period.
  • Each property is purchased via a Special Purpose Vehicle ( SPV ) which offers security to investors.


  • Investment secured against individual property.
  • 15% return on project (project term 4 to 6 months). Annualised at in excess of 30%.
  • Monthly updates on your individual investment.
  • Minimum investment AED 1m.


  • Residential values rose again in Q4 2022, marking the 8th consecutive quarter of price rises.
  • Prices still remain 22% below the 2014 peak showing potential future growth.
  • 2023 expected annual growth of 13.5% – the highest growth rate for prime markets globally. ( c.Knight Frank Middle East ).
  • Shortage of supply of ready, high quality luxury specification villas in prime locations.
  • Demand from overseas ultra-high-net-worth individuals ( UHNWI ) is underpinning price growth in the region.
  • 2023 is set to be the year with the highest number of UHNWI migrations with 4,000 millionaires expected in 2023. ( c.Henley Global Citizens Report ).

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