Bungalows !!!

Posted: 16th October 2019

Housing Trends: Why Bungalow’s Are Back

 In 2008, the bungalow was considered Britain’s favourite type of home by the Independent. Despite falling under the radar for a few years, bungalows are quickly rising in popularity once again. The question is, why is there a sudden demand for single storey plots? Granville Developments, outlines the reasons as to why bungalows are popular again and the benefits of owning one.

Child friendly

While bungalows are a popular choice for the elderly, families are also jumping on the single storey housing trend. For those with children, bungalows are often a good choice as they usually come with more outside space and they’re safer for wandering toddlers. They’re also easier to maintain with no second storey to consider when cleaning around young children.

High demand resale value

While the value of houses and flats tends to fluctuate, bungalows hold their value well. In a challenging, uncertain market, it’s the properties in short supply that are able to hold their worth. As a result, bungalows have the ability to increase in value year on year, due to the ever growing demand.

 Accommodate mobility limitations

With Britain’s increasingly ageing population, it’s no surprise that bungalows are making a comeback. A poll carried out by retirement house-builder McCarthy & Stone found that 54% of people aged 65 and over, would consider moving to a bungalow. This was due to their ability to accommodate mobility limitations, making it easier for those living there to navigate around their home.

As Britain’s older generation looks to downsize their homes, bungalows are now in short supply and high demand. Despite several residential property developers no longer constructing bungalows, Granville Developments understands the consumer demand for single storey homes. That’s why Granville, new build home developments in Essex and Suffolk, are still providing a charming collection of 3 & 4 bedroom bungalows in many of their developments. Each property is created with high quality standards of construction and craftsmanship, with customisable kitchens and features available on request.

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